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Quality ~ Custom Made ~ Satin Pillowcase ONE StandardQueen Size (approximately 21 x 32-36) ~ or ~ ONE King Size (approximately 21 x 40) Pair shown in photos but this auction is for a SINGLE satin pillowcase. • • • Great Gift Idea! • • • Cool in Summer Soft and Warm in Winter Many people find that satin is more comfortable than cotton and contributes to a good nights rest. Protects Hairstyles Cotton pillowcases can leave you with dull, frazzled hair. Hair will stay smooth and shiny when you sleep on a satin pillowcase. Allows hair to flow naturally over satin cover. Hair tangling is reduced and hairstyles are protected. Sleeping on satin means you can spend less time on your hair in the morning. Reduces Hair Loss and Breakage Hair loss is a problem that anyone can face, but it is a particular issue for people who are sick or have a chronic illness and have to spend a lot of time in bed. Having your hair constantly rub against a cotton pillowcase can result in hair loss. Satin pillowcases are effective at preventing hair loss and are even recommended by doctors who have bedridden patients. Hair treated by bleaching, highlighting, coloring, chemical perms, relaxers, blow dryers, and curling irons are especially susceptible to breakage. Satin allows hair to glide over the fabric minimizing hair breakage. Improves Complexion Dirt and oil build-up on cotton pillowcases can block pores and trigger acne. Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and cause a lot of friction. This can cause lesions to open and spread bacteria to the pillowcase. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase is much gentler on your face. Satin allows your skin to slide on the pillow as you move, eliminating sleep lines or wrinkles. Long Lasting Material and Design Even after repeated washings, material does not shrink or stretch. Machine wash cool delicate, tumble dry low, cool iron if desired. StandardQueen Size (approximately 21 x 32-36) • 100% Acetate or Polyester Satin Easy to Use Just slip it over your pillow. Portable Great for travel. Please see color chart below for available colors. (Actual colors may vary depending on your monitor) Special Orders ~ INCLUDES SHIPPING! ~ Single Pillowcase: Standard:$12.00 Queen:$12.00 King:$14.00 Pair of Pillowcases: Standard:$22.00 Queen:$22.00 King:$28.00 Please feel free to send a message to request a special order, answer any questions or if you would like additional information.

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