$ 6

0 0 1 120 684 DODEA 5 1 803 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Japanese Glass Float 2” Netted No Mark $6.00 for single float Note: Floats have the wear and tear expected and some buttons are not perfect. This is expected from floats that have washed up on the shore. These floats are amazing and are great for those who are just starting to get into floats or for those interior decorators that want a nautical theme. I will pick at random from the pile. Best Offer: If you want more than one float I will work with you on a better deal for purchasing more. Shipping: I am currently in Japan and hunting for more floats on a daily basis. So I will be shipping via USPS Priority Mail from Japan. Expect a couple of extra days for delivery. $7.30 shipping is the cost for Priority mail throughout the United States. 25¢ for each additional float added.

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