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2015 Best TS Kiteboarding Kite Only 17 Meter for Kitesurfing for Sale by Session Sports | Charleston Kiteboarding Lessons SESSION SPORTS Enriching your life through sport KITES KITEBOARDS HARNESSES ACCESSORIES Bags 2015 Best TS Kiteboarding Kite Only 17 Meter for Kitesurfing This kite has been flown less than 5 times. Its is crispy. Still smells new! No leaks, No Repairs, No problems. Just an awesomely inexpensive kite. From the Manufacturer: The 2015 Kahoona V7 is the product of 7 generations of tweaking, testing, and perfecting. The Kahoona V7 is designed to be user-friendly for kiteboarders of any skill level. The 4-strut outline creates an open center canopy that delivers solid low-end pull to keep you up and riding. A swept wingtip ensures the kite will relaunch easily and effortlessly. Tech Specs: Delta platform for easy relaunch 4-strut design BEST EZ-PUMP Twistlock system Double Core Ripstop Canopy Mystic Warrior Waist Harness The Warrior is Mystics old faithful; this has been the best selling and most comfortable harness in the Mystic harness collection since day one.Visit Page » Mystic DECEIVER Golf travel bag Back in the day when savvy kiteboarders wanted to travel with their gear, theyd use golf bags to take advantage of free equipment check-in for golfers. In the modern era of cost control and efficiency, airlines have since caught on, but the tradition (and functionality) continues.Visit Page » Mystic Star KiteBoard DAY bag The Mystic Star WakeKite bag is a durable and stylish way to transport and protect your favorite boards. The protective core of the boardbag is 8mm of thick, closed cell foam, a calculated balance between weight and protection. Visit Page » Copyright © 2015 - All Rights Reserved - Session Sports, LLC - www.sessionsports.com

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