$ 20

Quick Connect will save you lots of time and rigging, and especially save you from a lot of frustrations and hassles associated with crowded, small, and sketchy launch sites. This is our newest and favorite member to the Quick Connect product line. It maintains our one-of-a-kind patent-pending line management features, as seen in the older models. The difference now is in its overall size and round shape. This redesign makes for a much more natural and controlled feeling of your kite lines, when wrapping up your control bar. Another great advantage is that this one QC model is applicable for all bar types and kite line setups. For more information on how to use Quick Connect with your particular control bar setup visit our page on line as always, feel free to email us any questions you may have. We make every effort to make same day responses to all inquiries. The concept behind obtaining fast and perfects kite lines every time, without all the unnecessary laying out, untangling, and sorting hassles, is very simple. If you are always able to wrap up and secure perfectly organized lines, you will always be ready and guaranteed to connect those perfect lines every time... Lines that will be stress-free and ready for the quickest connection then ever possible! One try with Quick Connect and youll never want to rig without it Control Bar NOT included. Purchase price is for one Quick Connect Model (QC). Free Shipping and Discounts on multiple orders are available directly from Manufacturer site ONLY.

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