$ 950

The 2015 14m Slingshot Rally offers and excellent wind range, fantastic handling, familiar feel, and a sensible power range. The 14m Rally has excellent low wind power and will work great in light winds. From the first time you jump on the kite, to the last time, youll enjoy every session because youll always feel confident on this kite. Whatever style of riding you have, be it wave, freestyle, to freeride, youll be able to do it on the Rally. Here at Kite Paddle Surf we recommend the Rally for anyone looking to cruise, ride waves, boost, and freeride. The Rally may pull a bit to much if youre looking to get into unhooked tricks. The Rally is also our most easily relaunchable kite because of the progressive slope of the leading edge, allowing the kite to get back in the air in the lightest of conditions. Under heavy wind conditions this kite will also boost to the moon. Includes 14m Rally and Backpack. Does not include pump or control bar system. Color may not match photos. Email for color availability.

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