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3 x Glow-Owl Golf Balls No Glow Sticks Required Revolutionary patented regulation glow-in-the-dark Golf Balls Glow Owl Golf Balls 3 per pack includes 1 packs of 3 x Glow Owl Golf Balls (3 Balls) BONUS - Buy 4 Packs (12 balls total) + Receive a 6 Handheld 4w UVTorch Combo FREE This is the Real Deal No Light sticks No Flashing LEDS - Just Quality Balls that Glow!! The Glow-Owl ball is the golf industrys first traditional, center-core, 90 compression, two piece glow-in-the-dark golf ball. The revolutionary Glow-Owl ball will allow golfers to finish their late evening round. Golf courses can accommodate more twilight golfers, in addition to promoting and hosting night golf tournaments. Players can play longer and at twilight times not otherwise user friendly. Glowing on left and daylight on right This offer is for a 1 x 3 packs of Glow Owl? Golf Balls - 3-balls Total Bonus Buy 4 packs (12 balls) + receive a 6 Handheld 4w UVTorch Combo FREE ($24.95 Value) * 90 Compression, two-piece construction * Actual feel of real golf ball - hit the same club you would during the day! * Can be re-used in future events or thrown in golf bag to finish those late rounds * No Light Sticks required * Recharge the glow using a simple hand held UV or Torch (not included) $30.00 Fixed Price Shipping Australia Wide $15.00 NOW $8.00 Multi Units on Offer Great Gift (and cheap) How Does It work (put Simply) Step 1 Heat up the ball by rolling the glow of the Blacklight around the ball for about 10-15 seconds Step 2 there is no step 2 It is recommended that the procedure is repeated before each shot or 2 Theres a new and revolutionary night golf system in town! Play in a GlowOwl night golf tournament... its the most unique and exciting experience in golf. GlowOwl night golf tournaments are a great way to raise money for worthy causes, liven up your current mens and ladies club events, or just play for fun. Its difficult for most golfers to take off work to play in tournaments during the day. Consider playing your tournament at night. There is no work conflicts, the temperature is cooler and the wind has died down. Experience the excitement of golf in a new way...the GlowOwl way! The revolutionary GlowOwl ball makes night tournaments fun and easy to play. The GlowOwl ball is made by a major golf ball manufacturer with the same center-core and surlyn cover you currently play with. It features the same feel, trajectory and distance control as a conventional daytime ball. The non-toxic phosphorescent material of the ball creates a bright radiant glow when activated by any light source (The NF EYE UV light provides the best results). Do you want a real golf ball at your next night golf tournament? Put aside that outdated glow stick insert ball and use the GlowOwl ball. If you have a golf course, then The GlowOwl golf course lighting system will transform your golf course into a full fledged night time profit center. GlowOwls quality night golf system will change the way night golf is played. Treat your friends and tournament participants to a unique and exciting golf experience. Play GlowOwl, golfs first industry standard, revolutionary night golf ball! Glowing Night Golf is great for playing on the course or practicing in your backyard. Now you dont have to interrupt your game solely because its getting dark. You can keep playing all night. Glowing Night Golf is also great for people who find it hard to fit their golfing time into their busy schedule. With Glowing Night Golf you can play whenever you have free time and the best thing of all about playing golf a night is that you get to avoid the crowds and heat. The competition of GlowOwl uses a one-time usage light-stick ball made with a rubber material. It only travels approximately 70% of the GlowOwl ball. The GlowOwl is a real golf ball that can be used over and over again. Since the GlowOwl rechargerflashlight has a black-light source, it has proven to deliver the best results. Dont be caught In the dark again, play the GlowOwl ball and finish your round. Independent Reviews: Sports Illustrated Golf Plus Edition Unlike its toylike predecessors, the GlowOwl is an honest-to-goodness regulation two piece ball. Golf Magazine When the ball begins losing brightness, the company suggests a recharge with a UV light. When we did, the ball glowed like a radioactive object in a sci-fi flick in fewer than 10 seconds. Golf for Women Home from work too late to squeeze in a round? Now you can play through the night in your own back yard with GlowOwl Golfs glow-in-the-dark golf balls. Golf Tips Its perfect for night golf tournaments or for late-afternoon or early-morning rounds when adequate daylight is lacking. SCHWING! If you are like countless other golfers trying to squeeze in a round after work only to lose the race against the sun, take comfort in the GlowOwl, a glow in the dark, 2 piece, 90 compression golf ball. Wired Unlike the glow-stick variety, GlowOwls offer the heft and performance of ordinary golf balls and are visible from more than 250 yards down a pitch-dark fairway. BUT there is Still More!!!! Moonlighting Playing golf after midnight significantly reduces green fees - especially if you sneak onto the course. GlowOwl balls are a crucial accessory for such a covert operation. Unlike the hollow glow-stick variety, Glow-Owls offer the heft and performance of ordinary golf balls and are visible from more than 250 yards down a pitch-dark fairway. This after-hours kit includes 3 balls and an ultraviolet Shipping and handling 1st Set $15.00 NOW $8.00 Each additional Set Purchased $12 NOW $5.00 Bonus Offer Purchase 4 packs (12 balls total) we will ship a Free Black light MADE IN USA Delivery takes between 3+12 Working weekdays Pickups From Our Preston Vic Warehouse is Welcome Payment Terms payment at time of purchase or within 24 hours latest Shipping Terms We ship by post Affordable Auction Management Solutions @ inkFrog inkfrog terapeak

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