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Funko Marvel Civil War Mopeez Crossbones Plush Figure NEW Toys Plushies Movie Description In stock and ready to ship!This is a Marvel Civil War Mopeez Crossbones Plush Figure from Funko. The Crossbones Mopeez plush is quality made and has a nice price point. Mopeez are a really unique line of plush figures that are produced by Funko, which feature some great characters being very nonchalant at their surroundings. Laugh! Hilarious and adorable.Recommended Age: 5+Condition: Brand New and SealedDimensions: 5 X 1 Funko Marvel Civil War Mopeez Crossbones Plush Figure ShippingDomestic (United States): FREE SHIPPING is awesome! Customers like it - and we like it. Free domestic shipping is easier, simpler, and here to stay. When will your order go out? Quickly! We ship most orders the same day they are placed, or the following day. Our shipping speed is one of the most important parts of our business and were committed to it. Well get your order packaged up and shipped out much faster than many of our peers. Its what we do here at Radar. The speed at which we ship our orders, combined with the attention to detail of packaging outgoing orders, has proven to be a winning combination for us over the years. We stay committed to this philosophy. International Shipping: We ship to any country. We use primarily Priority Mail through USPS. Our shipping calculator is accurate, and we do combine shipping. About UsRadar Toys is a customer service focused shop. Simply put - were here to help! Customers that shop with us know that were here, that well help, and that we care. Our repeat customer business is extremely high and the reason for that is simple - we still do customer service. Its the most important part of what we do here at Radar. We are located in the beautiful city of Eugene, Oregon. We love toys, customer service, and living in a beautiful state with a strong community that is supportive and loyal to small business. We keep a philosophy of good environmental practices in both our daily work and our shipping practices. We also participate in the donations for the Toys For Tots campaign every year for the children in our community. The mission of our business is pretty simple; offer a wide range of toys and collectibles at an affordable price while having the best overall shopping experience possible. WebsiteIf you google us, youll find that were just about everywhere online. However, theres no better place than the actual home turf of our website! There youll find an easy way to look at all of the items that we carry and scope out whats new. Often you may find that prices on our actual website are better, so its always worth a look. Plus, our website is the only place that we run special promotions. Come take a look! Questions?Questions are great and its never a bother. Need some info or have an issue? Send us a message. Were always here to help, its what we do!

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