$ 20

Funkos Marvel Comics Mystery Mini-figure range features a whole host of popular characters from the comic book continuity. With unequal distribution, opening one of these blind boxes will be a thrill, whether youre hunting for your favourite character, or a rare figure such as the terrifying dual-wielding Deadpool! All blind boxes are sent factory sealed and could contain any figure, from the 2:24 Thor to the 1:144 Loki with Sceptre - we never open any of our blind box ranges and youll never find us selling opened rare figures at a higher price. Each sealed box contains one figurine. Multipack discounts are available - just use the dropdown menu to look through the available packs. Collectors list:Hulk (2:24) Thor (2:24) Loki (2:24) Spider-Man (2:24) Green Goblin (2:24) Punisher (2:24) Doctor Doom (2:24) Silver Surfer (2:24) Scarlet Witch (2:24) Galactus (2:24) Phoenix (1:24)Thanos (1:72)Ultron (1:72)Loki with sceptre (1:144)Deadpool (1:144)

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