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BestOneEB-template Click on the image below to get zoomed view of the item Silk Soft and Brilliant Microfiber Sheet Sets Available in All Colors Twin | Full | Queen | King | CalKing California King:Flatted Sheet: 108 x 102Fitted Sheet: 72 x 842 Pillow Cases: 20 x 30 Theyre 13 deep. King:Flatted Sheet: 108 x 102Fitted Sheet: 78 x 802 Pillow Cases: 20 x 40 Theyre 15 deep. Queen:Flatted Sheet: 90 x 102Fitted Sheet: 60 x 802 Pillow Cases: 20 x 30 Theyre 15 deep. Full:Flatted Sheet: 81 x 96Fitted Sheet: 54 x 752 Pillow Cases: 20 x 30 Theyre 13 deep. Twin:Flatted Sheet: 66 x 96Fitted Sheet: 39 x 751 Pillow Case: 20 x 30 Theyre 13 deep. Includes: 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Deep Pocket, 2 Pillow Cases Starting from $14.45 High Quality Series-Select Our Sheets feature the latest advances in Microfiber Technology: Durable and made for prolonged use Thermal Optimized Construction Allows your skin to breathe Machine Washable Softer than cotton sheets Vibrant Colors do not Fade Away Microfiber weave wicks moisture away The Softest Sheets on the Market One Year Warranty No Greater Comfort than Ours Our Microfiber sheet sets are expertly engineered to bring the penultimate degree of comfort and satisfaction to all who use them: bringing an unrivaled level of breathability, thermal insulation, and legendary durability. They are designed with built in elastic pockets which are capable of fitting and holding firm to any sized mattress: from the smallest to the largest there are. UNBEATABLE PRICE It is our duty to bring the best prices possible to you. This way we win by being successful sellers and You win by benefiting from our competition and getting products at the lowest products possible. Beware of other sellers and especially department stores. Selling online has many benefits over regular stores: there is little overhead and you the customer can buy whenever and wherever you want. Departments will frequently overcharge their wares and it is not unheard of to see them sell sheet sets for more than $115, and call them “Luxury Egyptian Cotton” although the tag says “Made in China”. There is no worry with us: we don’t lie to you. We provide the lowest prices for our high quality goods and let you enjoy the savings! SUPERIOR TO ‘LUXURY COTTON’ Our Microfiber sheets are superior to cotton because they are woven in a pattern that is denser than the highest cotton thread counts possible. This means: Superior Heat Insulation; Superior Breathability; Superior Softness; and a greater ability to wick away excess skin moisture. Our sheets are manufactured, not grown on exploitive plantations which destroy natural habitats, leech the land of nutrients, and force workers to work long hours in the sun. No land is destroyed to make our products. People are getting good jobs working in well managed facilities. And You enjoy the superior savings and peace of mind of having an ethically made product. All of our sheets are brand new and ship directly from the factory to our warehouse to be sent out to orders anywhere in the United States. They are silk-soft and light to the touch, and at only $19.99 for a Full-sized Set, make an unbeatable deal. Everybody needs sleep, why not sleep in comfort and style? And do it in the most cost effective manner? We help you do that. Our sheets come in: FULL, QUEEN, KING, CALKING. And they come in colors: DARK PURPLE, PURPLE, NAVY BLUE, LIGHT BLUE, GRAY, WHITE, SAGE, YELLOW, CHOCOLATE, YELLOW, RED, & BURGUNDY. So Hurry Up! and Get yourself the Royal softness and comfort at the prices only available here! Thank You For Your Business! (And Remember) SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK Further Information: Shipping: All shipments are same day to at most two business days after payment is received. Shipping is done through UPS, USPS, and FedEx. We ship within the United States only If you have any problems with a shipment, please contact us immediately and we will do everything possible to ensure a proper delivery In order to track and quickly ship orders to their destinations, address information will be provided through PayPal Shipping is to United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Puerto Rico Return Policy: · Any return must be made within 30 days of order receipt. · Returns will receive a full refund, minus the cost of shipping. · Buyer is responsible for the shipping of a returning item. · Returned items must be unopened, unused, and not washed. All items must be in their original packaging and in their original state (how they were packed, folded, etc.) and must be suitable for resale. · We strongly encourage customers to contact us first so we can solve any issues related to a problem you may have, or at least make the return process quick, easy, and painless. Payment Information: We handle all orders through PayPal We process and ship orders once payment is received in full Please allow for maximum two business days for shipping New York customers: NYS Law requires all online retailers to charge sales tax Satisfaction and Feedback: We want to make sure every customer has a positive experience and that there is no negative feedback. If you have a problem that would lead you to leaving negative feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best help you and make this the best buying experience you can have. If you like the work we do and our products, then let us know and leave feedback! Thank you! How to Clean: Any wash settings will work adequately for these sheets. Use what you normally use or wash with your normal loads of clothing and sheets. Fitted sheets in our sheet sets feature a purpose-designed elastic band built into the weave that gives the capability to easily wrap around and hold onto large or small mattresses firmly! FREE! Sellers: Add a FREE map to your listings. FREE!

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