$ 33

Brand New Super Bright Ruby Red Color! Stop Losing Your Golf Balls... what else are you going to see in the fairway or rough that is bright bright red! Youll know its your golf ball everytime! The Volvik Crystal is a premium level 3-piece golf ball designed for advanced golfers with slower to medium swing speeds looking for a soft feel with more explosivenessSoft impact and feel and longer flight distance is achieved by Worlds First Patented Dual Core: a soft outer layer and a hard inner coreVolvik Crystal elevates short game control with a soft feel and low compression control coreEnhanced visibility provided by the brightest colors in golf3-piece Tour Performance - Explosive distance and more accurate approach by Power Core, Bismuth Control layer and Zirconium Z-I Outer CoverExcellent putting feel and optimal spin rates made possible by more durablesofter Surlyn Crystalline coverImproved flight stability designed 350-Octahedron dimple pattern80 Compression, 64 Cover HardnessOptimal for 60-95 MPH Swing Speed

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