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Softball Swing Trainer Practice Hitting Solo Training Hit a Way Derek Jeeter BatFree Fast Shipping Practice solo - anytime, anywhereSolidify swing mechanicsImprove hand-eye coordinationIncrease batting power Hit-A-Way Softball Trainer...Improved Design! SKLZ Hit-A-Pro Performance Way Softball Batting Trainer features: Get up to 500 swings per hour without ever chasing a ball Develop better swing mechanics and hand-eye coordination Improve pacing, timing, and confidence New, improved design in webbing and cords for cleaner hits and greater durability Great for right and left-handed batters and switch-hitting practice Easily attaches to a pole, post, or tree up to 4 in diameter Batting Trainer...Practice, Play, & Win! The SKLZ Hit-A-Way solo batting trainer simulates real pitches to help softball batters master their swing mechanics and improve hand-eye coordination, pacing, timing, and confidence - without having to chase a ball. The Hit-A-Way Swing Trainer allows you to perfect your swing or learn to switch hit without the headache of lost balls or broken windows. Its height and weight adjustable, attaches securely to most trees and poles, is easy to set up and can be storied or carried in bat bags, backpacks, or carryalls.FeaturesImproves hand-eye coordination, batting power, pacing, timing, and confidenceHelps players develop a better swing and stance mechanicsHeight adjustablePractice for switch-hitting; great for right or left-handed battersAttaches securely to most trees and poles; easy to set up in seconds for hours of usePractice solo-anytime, anywhereSolidify swing mechanicsAges 7 and up

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